"`Genre´ is one of those words which everyone uses but few people can actually explain"

(Phil Parker)

The concept of `genre´ is used, more often than not, as a marketing tool to provide the audiences with a incisive feeling for the content of a movie or series.
But `genre´ can do more than that.It is a useful and reliable approach to focus on the process of scriptdevelopment and allows to see the whole dramaturgic possibilities.

`Genres´ are sets of patterns and combinations of narrative elements that work well together, because audiences bulid up recognition according to these genre pattern over time. Used skillfully they can establish a set of expectations in the audience.

As a result it makes sense to analyse these genre elements at every stage of the scriptdevelopment. Right from the start you can clarify basic questions and by doing so you can implement techniques, that allow you to solve your scriptdevelopment problems.

An understanding of genre ist the key. The key to engaging the audience.